miranda clark           images            words            love letters            daybooks order to rediscover ourselves we have to lose

ourselves and in order to not be swallowed up by reality

we have to find the right key to its interpretation 1

in my practice i reference feminine archetypes found in fairytales, pop culture, and love ballads.  through photography, video, performance, and ongoing investigation, i manipulate the ritual standards of desire, fantasy, and consumption. 

interested in where claims of truth intersect with the demands of fiction, i have played the maiden, the bride, the author of reclaimed stories.

these experimental theaters of memory have progressed into a journey that has layers of being lost.  it is a fiction.  as i wander in making and looking, i wonder about my personal narrative and how much of it is showing. 

1 Carlo Birrozzi, “Wonders for grown-ups,” in Alice nel castello delle meraviglie: Il mondo fuori forma e fuori tempo nell’arte italiana del Novecento, (Milano: Silvana Editoriale 2005), 48.